Tough night for Lawson Racing in Devils Lake

Lawson Racing was out in Devils Lake on Saturday for our third and final appearance of the year out the track.  We had hoped to race Friday night in Grand Forks, but work commitments didn’t allow us to make it down there.  27 sprint cars were on had for the races on Saturday night.  The night was going to be tough as Kevin and I both drew in the 120s.  That put us both toward the back of our heat races.  I started 8th in the 1st heat.  Off the start, I fell back to 9th.  The car was handling good, but the groove was on the bottom around the tires.  Passing was only going to happen if the driver in front of you messed up.  They never did and I finished 9th.  Kevin started 9th in his heat.  The top 6 would transfer to the A main and he raced around there for the whole race.  He got 6th, fell back to 7th with two laps to got, then passed the car in front of him to finish 6th and secure a spot in the A main.  I had to run the B main.  I started 7th, with the top 6 going to the A main.  Off the start, my car was feeling good and I was able to move into 4th after a couple laps.  However, there were a few cautions during the feature and after the final yellow with 5 laps to go, the handling on the car went away and I over drove a few turns.  That dropped my back to 7th and that is where I finished.  Unfortunately that ended my night as I did not my the A main.  Kevin would start 13th in the A main and race around the mid teens throughout the race.  The handling would go away as the track dried out, then started to take rubber.  With 3 laps to go, a car spun on the high side of the track in turn 4.  He tried to do a 360, but spun right down in front of Kevin.  He had no where to go and was collected by the spinning car.  Fortunately it was just a front bumper that got bent and a bent corner of the front wing.  Not as serious as it could have been.  He would not continue and finish 23rd.  We will be off for the next couple weeks.  You can catch Lawson this Saturday in the North Dakota State Fair parade.  We are number 46.  The parade will be broadcast on KX networks throughout the state.

Doubleheader weekend upcoming for Lawson Racing

A busy doubleheader weekend is upcoming for Lawson Racing this weekend.  We will be in action Friday night out at River Cities Speedway as a support class for the World of Outlaw Late Model race.  We will then be in action on Saturday night out at the Devils Lake Speedway for our 3rd and final visit to the track this season.

Lawson Racing was back at home racing at Nodak Speedway

Lawson Racing was back in front of our hometown crowd this past Sunday as we raced at Nodak Speedway.  Kevin and I both were in heat 1.  Kevin would start 5th and I would start 9th.  After a few laps, I caught Kevin and passed him into turn 1.  Soon after, his engine began to stumble and he was forced into the pits.  It turned out to be an ignition issue  I would go on to finish 7th.  That would start me 10th in the feature, Kevin would start 17th.  On the first lap, Kevin set up for turn 3 and was ran over from behind.  That cut his right rear tire down and damaged the right sideboard on the wing and ended his night.  The track was dry slick and was tricky to get a hold of.  There was some moisture around the bottom of the track and that is where most of the cars were racing at.  There were several multi car crashes through the middle portion of the race and a brief red flag period for a car that tipped onto its side.  Once the race resumed, the track started to take rubber down low and became increasingly faster.  The car was handling great and I would finish 7th.  Kevin would finish 19th.  It was nice to be able to race back at Nodak.  We will be back at Nodak Speedway for the World of Outlaws race on August 23rd.  Our next racing action will be July 10th at the River Cities Speedway and July 11th at the Devils Lake Speedway.  We will be in the Stanley 4th of July Parade on Saturday.  Give us a wave and get one of our Racer cards.

Lawson Racing is back in action at Nodak Speedway this Sunday

Lawson Racing was all set to race in front of out hometown crowd last Sunday night at the Nodak Speedway.  However, Mother Nature had other ideas and rained out the races at the first sprint car heat race rolled onto the track.  The Nodak Race Club decided to bring sprint cars back for another chance at racing.  We are very excited to get another opportunity to race at our home track.  Races start at 6 pm on Sunday.  The weather should be perfect for a great night of sprint car racing action!!

Rain hold off in Devils Lake, wins the night in Minot

Lawson Racing was all set to run a doubleheader weekend at the Devils Lake Speedway on Saturday and then at the Nodak Speedway in Minot.  On Saturday, soon after arriving in the pit area, the weather began to take a change for the worse.  The skies became very dark with reported severe weather in the area.  We, along with most of the other cars in the pits, cleared out and waited for the weather to pass.  After a very brief, light shower, we were back in the pits and ready for a night of action.  32 sprint cars were on hand for another great night of racing.  I started on the pole of the 2nd heat.  After a good start, I fell back to 6th.  A caution would come out when the engine in the 2nd place car broke and I moved into 5th.  However, on the restart, I got passed for 5th and would finish 6th.  Kevin would start 2nd in his heat and battle a tight racecar throughout the race.  He would finish 5th and advance to the A main.  I would start 6th in the B main.  After a quick caution, I would move my way up and finish 3rd.  The A main was a race of survival as there were several multi car crashes and then a flip on the front straightaway.  All the while, Kevin and I were racing together.  He was ahead of me and I could only peak a nose underneath going into the corners, but he had the preferred line.  We raced that way for most of the feature.  With 5 laps to go, the leader ran out of fuel and the 2nd place car ran over his left rear wheel and flipped.  During the red, there was some confusion on fuel stop.  It was intended to be a fuel only stop, but wasn’t relayed to the teams and several of them were DQ’d due to making adjustments or repairs to their cars.  In the end, Kevin would finish 11th and I would finish 12th.  On Sunday, it was the debut race for our Western ND Sprint Car group at the Nodak Speedway.  A great field of 21 sprint cars were on had for the race night.  Not great was the weather.  After hot laps, the sky turned dark.  As the first sprint car heat rolled onto the track, the skies opened up and the rest of the night was cancelled.  It was very disappointing to say the least!!  Hoping to have a rescheduled date at Nodak.  Up next for Lawson Racing is the Stanley 4th of July Parade, showing off our Prairie Ford,, Finish First Coating sponsored sprint cars.  We will have our new cards on hand, so give us a wave and pick one up.